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Updates – 22/06/21

Some fairly hefty updates to both Infantry Divisions and Armoured Divisions in the Middle East. I’ve managed to fill in quite a few gaps in the AoS serials, make a few amendments to the divisional organisation, and even cover Mixed Divisions and the Brigade Group Experiment. I’ve added some historical context and explanation, too. I’ll … Continue reading Updates – 22/06/21

Updates – 20/06/21

Apologies for the radio silence this past month – I’ve been working on something fairly big and convoluted, and I’m finally in a position to call it ready to post. See below and follow the link to a complete visual timeline of ALL British Armoured Divisions 1939-1945. It’s a VERY large image, so do try … Continue reading Updates – 20/06/21

Updates – 19/05/21

Morning all! Realised I’ve been sitting on this one for a few days and completely forgot to post it. The 79th Armoured Division Timeline has had an update. Nothing major, just a slightly more accurate picture of unit movements, down to the day, rather than the month.

Updates – 12/05/21

New information has recently come to light regarding the AoS markings of both the 4th and the 33rd Armoured Brigades. Specifically, that the 4th use green/blue markings rather than the standard red, and that the generally-accepted numbers used by the 33rd after their reorganisation in August/September 1944 are in fact all wrong. As such, I’ve … Continue reading Updates – 12/05/21

Updates – 09/05/21

The Bibiolograpy page is now complete. If anyone has any suggestions for any more books or websites I might find useful, please let me know! Additionally, the Independent Armoured Brigades timeline has had an update, now including Motor battalions where applicable, and showing the AoS markings of the constituent units.


You’re probably here because you were visiting the old site and followed the link to this shiny new one. I’ve decided to make the leap from Blogspot to WordPress for a few reasons: Better handling of images – Blogger has a nasty habit of compressing large images. Better handling of files other than images, particularly … Continue reading Hello!

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  1. Really great site, it has helped me to make sense of all the unit markings. i am thinking about making a decal sheet for my own use, but I would need the vector files – are they available from you?


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