Updates – 09/05/21

The Bibiolograpy page is now complete. If anyone has any suggestions for any more books or websites I might find useful, please let me know!

Additionally, the Independent Armoured Brigades timeline has had an update, now including Motor battalions where applicable, and showing the AoS markings of the constituent units.

3 thoughts on “Updates – 09/05/21”

  1. Hi,

    Firstly can I just say that it’s fantastic to see see all this great information in one place.

    I have some additions from my own collection for the Bibliography page if I may –

    “The British Soldier from D-Day to VE-Day” – vol 2, Jean Bouchery, Histoire&Collections 2003,
    ISBN 2908182742

    This book was originally in two volumes, the 1st covered Infantry uniforms, equipment, insignia and weapons etc, I believe the one you already have listed is the reprint covering both volumes, though I’m not sure if all the information from both vols 1 & 2 is covered in the reprint ?

    “British Tanks in Normandy” Ludovic Fortin, Histoire&Collections 2005,
    ISBN 2915239339

    “Codename Swallow” – British Sherman Tanks at Alamein, Dennis Oliver, MMP Books 2006,
    ISBN 838945033X

    “The New Breed – North Africa colour and markings” – part 1, Dennis Oliver, The Factory Publishing 2007, ISBN 9780980463101

    “Jungle Armour” – British & Indian Army Sherman’s in the Far East, Dennis Oliver, The Factory Publishing 2009, ISBN 9780980463125

    “Sherman Tanks – British Army & Royal Marines Normandy Campaign 1944” Dennis Oliver, Pen & Sword, 2016, ISBN 1473885302

    “Churchill Tanks – British Army North West Europe 1944-1945” Dennis Oliver, Pen & Sword, 2017
    ISBN 1526710889

    Hope that’s of some use




    1. Hi James,

      Some great suggestions there, thank you. I’ve been after a copy of Fortin for ages, but it’s another one where it seems to be out of print, and the second-hand copies are going for silly money…

      I’ll check out some of the others!



      1. I was lucky enough to pick a copy up a few years ago for £40.00 I think… absolute bargain now, definitely one of the best books on the topic out there.


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